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  • Ben Greiner

    Need a Mover?

    Pickens-Kane is a recommended mover here in Chicago. Michael Bonnema was a contact for a client of ours who recently moved.

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  • Ben Greiner

    Office Move Task List for IT:

    • Confirm office Internet options before signing the lease.
    • Confirm wiring options – existing or build new?
    • If wiring is existing, then confirm there are enough wall jacks properly located for everyone and every phone, computer, server, and printer.
    • Confirm where the network will converge. (Where is the Network Closet?)
    • Hire someone with low-voltage, data network experience to verify existing or install new Gigabit-ready wiring (CAT5e or better cabling with good terminations).
    • Confirm phone system requirements — existing (to be moved) or new (consider VoIP)?
    • Get new Internet fixed IPs from new ISP.
    • Test the Internet before moving in. 
    • Schedule the office move with your IT Team. You will want them to properly shutdown and dismantle shared devices (server, routers, switches) in the old space and set them up in the new space.
    • Schedule IT to be onsite the first day the office opens in the new space to work through any remaining issues.
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  • Ben Greiner

    In addition to at least one router and switch, you'll need to know how many network drops are required in your new space. Although wireless is getting better each year, wired is still the fastest and most reliable connection. Plan for a few more connections than you need because adding wired connections after a build-out or move-in is a lot more expensive.

    Here's a list of wired (Ethernet) network devices needed in new space:

    • Smart TVs
    • Apple TVs
    • Servers
    • Desktops
    • Printers/Scanners

    Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Devices

    • VoIP Phones
    • Wireless Access Points (WAPs). 

    NOTE: You need a solid wireless network because of all the wireless devices on a network today ... notebooks, iPhones, iPads, Internet of Things (IoT) devices like thermostats, lighting, and who knows what is coming in the future!

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  • Ben Greiner

    Typically, as a service to our clients, we assist with the following move related items:

    • Walk-through new office and plan/coordinate the server/network closet. Also, help to confirm the details of the low-voltage network, the locations of the Wireless Access Points, telephones (VoIP), Internet, security cameras, other AV and the overall move schedule.
    • Setup network and Internet a few days before the move.
    • Tear-down server/network closet, the afternoon of move-out day.
    • Setup, server/network closet the morning of move-in day.
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  • Ben Greiner

    Information shared by North American Van Lines

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